Do Energy Healers use Reiki?

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Reiki is God-consciousness (Rei) that guides Ki for healing purposes. There are different kinds of energies spread all over the universe. These energies vibrate at different frequencies. Various healers use healing energies that vibrate at different frequencies. So, no two people using different healing systems could possibly be using the same type of healing energy. For example, healers may use different colored energies to heal people. As we all know that various colors vibrate at varying frequencies, their effect on the human aura is distinct from one another.

That way, Reiki is different from other healing energies. Reiki vibrates at a certain frequency that may not be similar to some other healing energy. If Reiki vibrates at a particular frequency, why is it that we do not get the same results when two different Reiki healers are in action? Possibly, when Reiki passes through a human medium, it loses its purity mingling with the aura of the medium. Depending on the purity of the healer’s energy, Reiki is subject to various levels of dilutions, which could explain varying results at the hands of different Reiki healers.

Healers do use energy for healing, but not all use Reiki. The healing energy Reiki can only be used by those who have been attuned to receive the energy. The life energy Reiki is a “guided” energy that receives guidance from a higher being or power. Reiki thus, can only be used by those who have been attuned as a channel to receive the energy by a Reiki Master. It is necessary to approach a Reiki Master to receive attunement before a person can use Reiki for healing purposes.

Reiki Attunement
Reiki does not involve the technicalities that some energy healing systems employ. The ability to use Reiki is proffered in a simple attunement ceremony that the Reiki Master conducts. During the attunement process, the Reiki life energy makes certain necessary changes in the aura and chakras of the recipient, which facilitates the channeling of Reiki. This process is a prerequisite to connecting the subject to the Reiki source. The entire process is held under the guidance of God-consciousness (Rei).

The Reiki attunement is a special spiritual experience for most recipients. Adjustments in the energy body are made according to individual needs. The attunement process is assisted, witnessed, and blessed by various higher beings. This results in a wave of spiritual experiences. Some may report having sighted bright light, or different colored lights. For some it is an emotional moment that results in a bout of uncontrolled weeping. Reports of opening of the third-eye are also not uncommon after the attunement process.

The Reiki attunement is a one-time process. Those who have undergone the process are linked to the Reiki source. They can re-link to the Reiki source at will, even after a long gap. The contact can be renewed at any time. However, different attunements are required for each level. These attunements allow subtler and stronger energies to flow through the Reiki channel. These energies are more refined than those achieved at the basic level. By the time the initiate reaches the Master and Grand Master levels, the Reiki energies are at their most effective. The attainment of these levels is characterized by marked improvement in their level of consciousness, mental and physical health, and refinement in their personal Ki. Psychic energies also undergo greater sensitivity.

Benefits of Attunement
Although it may not be experienced by the initiate, the attunement process begins a cleansing process within the energy body. The energy structure too starts undergoing rehabilitation. The ill-effects on the energy body due to gross misuse of the body and emotions start wearing off as a result of the attunement. The changes at the physical level may be marked by the expulsion of toxins in the body. All toxins that have accumulated over the years are removed and the body moves in the direction of attaining purity.

It is not necessary that the above reactions may start taking place immediately upon receiving attunement, but these do take place when the right time arrives. The body starts making certain adjustments to these changes. When these occur, some discomforts might be experienced in rare cases. Hence, it is important to understand what effects attunement may have on the physical body. These could also be accompanied by changes at the emotional level. Unwanted and negative emotions are removed and replaced by positive and spiritually enhancing emotions.

The mind and body may call for more rest during the period of changes. This may be viewed as lethargy. There could be a strong urge to seek solitude and the mind may want to contemplate on various personal issues. These subtle changes are positive in nature and help the mind prepare itself for future changes.

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