Meditation Through Reiki

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Meditation is a beautiful experience. Participants at my workshop, who have never experienced the calm of meditation before, are all questions. You can feel the anxiety levels in them, and the nervous energy that their aura exudes is so obvious. All I do is smile at them to calm their anxiety-filled energies.

Meditation with incorporated Reiki symbols can be an amazing experience for regular meditation practitioners. Symbols, while enhancing the quality of energies, add their own interpretation. If you understand what each symbol means, an enhanced effect can be had from their use.

Place a particular symbol on your agya chakra (third-eye chakra) and sit on a straight back chair without leaning on it. The idea is to keep your spine erect without any support. You may even sit on a mat on the floor in lotus pose. If you find lotus pose not that easy to do, sit in a simple cross-legged position.

Gently close your eyes and start breathing deeply through the nostrils. Take care not to force your breath. The gentler and deeper the breath, the better it is. When your breath settles into a fine rhythm, gently take your awareness to the agya chakra. Be gently aware of the symbol on the agya chakra as you continue to breath gently and deeply.

When you feel like, gently open your eyes. (Do not force yourself to continue). Stay in the position for a while enjoying the vibrations.

No two experiences might ever be the same. So, do not try to compare the experiences or rank them as superior or inferior. Just enjoy what you receive.

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