Reiki Love is What the World Needs

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We are going through tumultuous times, where mindless violence seems to be the order of the day. The world is obsessed with weapons and one-upmanship. Be it political leadership or small isolated factions, patience seems to be on a premium. Are we going to find solutions to our malady through violent means? Never! Love, forbearance, and understanding are key to our existence.

People who believe in love and non-violence can practice Reiki love. Let us throw some light on Reiki. A beautiful healing energy, it enlightens the world and its beings. Practitioners of Reiki have had fabulous experiences with the energy that the healing art form brings. Once the practitioners are initiated into the process, they become channels of the energy. The energy freely makes its way through the channel, which is then used for healing people of their maladies.

Here, we are not just talking of dealing with an individual. The role and responsibility of the Reiki practitioner has assumed gargantuan proportions. We are dealing with a thought process that is overwhelmingly inclined towards negativity. Vengeance is a force that has explosive negative energy. To counter this volatile force, Reiki practitioners need to bless the world and its inhabitants with Reiki love. It is a responsibility they cannot and should not shirk from. Groups upon groups of Reiki practitioners spreading the energy of love around can certainly have a profound effect over the negative energies. The only way we can beat violence is through love. Gandhi said so.

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