The Beginning of Reiki – 2

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In the previous blog you read about Dr. Mikaso Usui’s relentless endeavor to find an answer to healing the ailing physical body. You read how Dr. Usui learnt a number of languages to pursue the ancient scriptures, and how he finally underwent a 21 day fast and meditation at Kuramayama. We now continue from there.

On the 21st day, a physically weak Dr. Usui stood up facing the east, and before discarding the last stone, he asked the Source the way to use the knowledge that he had so far acquired. The moment he discarded the 21st and last stone, a brilliant light shone in front of Dr. Usui. It was a scary experience, which made him feel like running away. But the gritty Dr. Usui chose to face the light, ready to confront death, if it came to that. The light that was vibrating struck his third eye chakra located at the space between the two eyes. Some say it struck in the center of the forehead. Dr. Usui was gifted with the ability to see rainbow colors and bubbles of gold, violet and blue. Thus, began the attunement process where he was given to understand each symbol and their significance in healing.

After the attunement was over, Dr. Usui felt a sudden surge of energy and he rushed down the mountain to meet the abbot and share the divine experience. In the excitement he did not notice a stone on the way and stubbed his toe against it. Dr. Usui held the hurt toe in his hand and soon noticed that the pain had gone and the bleeding stopped. This was his first brush with the miraculous healing powers of Reiki. While continuing his journey, Dr. Usui felt hungry. He stopped by a poor man’s house and asked for food. The man’s daughter was wearing a bandage around her jaw. With her permission, Dr. Usui placed his hands over her jaws, and soon the pain and discomfort were gone. This was the second miracle that the doctor experienced. The girl’s father being poor could not pay for the healing, so he accepted the bartering of food for the healing; thus, making an equal exchange of energies.

At the monastery, Dr. Usui narrated his experiences to the abbot.  His next goal was further meditation, where he was guided to serve the poor and heal them. Dr. Usui did as he was instructed and the next seven years were spent in the service of the poor where he healed them from dawn to dusk. One day Dr. Usui met a beggar who he had healed long ago. The beggar had gone back to begging, as he did not want to shoulder responsibilities associated with a regular lifestyle. That made Dr. Usui sad. He went back to the monastery and narrated the experience. He was explained that healing the body was not sufficient enough; the spirit needed healing too. This necessitated putting some responsibility on the recipient of the healing. For this, he was explained that an equal exchange of energy was necessary.

With this, Dr. Usui’s enlightenment process was complete.

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