The Beginning of Reiki

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Dr. Mikao Usui, Dean and Minister of a Christian school in Japan is credited with bringing to the world the noble healing form called Reiki. It took Dr. Usui 28 years to manifest this healing art form in the late 1800. The seeds were sown by an innocent query posed by a student whether he actually believed that Jesus could heal. Dr. Usui did reply in the affirmative, but the student wanted him to demonstrate. Though the students were taught how to heal the soul, yet they wanted to know how to heal the body. Dr. Usui knew that the body could be healed as it was mentioned in the Bible. But his quest to learn how took him places.

Dr. Usui first visited America and joined the University of Chicago to study various religions and their philosophies. After a seven-year long stay he returned to his home country Japan, and continued with his quest. He visited many Buddhist temples and met a number of monks, who said they could not heal. A meeting with the monastery’s abbot explained matters. The art of healing the body was lost on them, as they had been focusing on the spirit too long. However, the abbot invited Dr. Usui to study the writings of the Buddha (sutras) and find answers to his quest.

The sutras were translated in Japanese, so it was easy for Dr. Usui to read it. But, he found no answers. Since the sutras had been translated to Japanese from Chinese, Dr, Usui was guided to study the Chinese language to carry on with his quest. It took Dr, Usui years to learn the language and read the scriptures, yet he could find no answers. By and by Dr. Usui learned that the Tibetans had translated the original Buddha teachings from Sanskrit to Tibetan. The next obvious step for Dr. Usui was to learn Tibetan language to continue with his study. During this period Dr. Usui found certain secrets to healing the body.

A visit back to the monastery in Japan and a meeting with the abbot put Dr. Usui through the process of meditation. According to the abbot, if Dr. Usui was destined, he certainly would find the answer. Dr. Usui traveled 17 miles on foot to Kuramayama. On the mountain, he chose a serene spot to begin his 21-day fast and meditation. Dr. Usui collected 21 stones and discarded a stone each day to keep track of the number of days. He felt weak and thought that he might die without receiving the knowledge to heal.

On the 21st day, a physically weak Dr. Usui stood up facing the east, and before discarding the last stone, he asked the Source the way to use the knowledge that he had so far acquired.

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