The Process of Giving Reiki

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After you have received the necessary Reiki attunement, you are ready to heal others. The process of preparing a Reiki healer is that simple and quick. All you need is a healing heart to start healing people in need. Place your hands on the person in need of healing and intend Reiki to flow through you. When the intention to heal is present, you offer yourself as a medium for Reiki to flow. You allow Reiki to materialize through you. Reiki is an intelligent energy that knows its path and purpose. Remember, to remain relaxed and cheerful to allow free-passage to Reiki. The more relaxed the healer is, the bigger will be the gush of Reiki.

Reiki is Safe Energy
Reiki is an absolutely safe energy since it is guided by God-consciousness. You could never cause any harm to its recipients. It knows how much a person requires, and thus, there is no question of an overdose. So, giving Reiki to a person is absolutely safe whether or not it is required to be given. It will only do good to the recipient.

As the healer does not use his or her will, or direct energy to do certain things, or instruct how to do it, there is no fear of taking the other’s karma on him or her. The very thought of being a mere medium to the entire process of healing keeps the ego under check, and absence of ego allows Reiki to flow unhindered. An egoistic healer causes blockages to the passage of energy. Bigger the ego, greater the blockages. Thus, a Reiki practitioner should understand that it is not he or she who is performing the healing, but is only enacting the role of a medium. The greater the acceptance of the role as a medium in humility, greater will be the flow of Reiki, and better the healing results.

Since a Reiki practitioner is only performing the role of a medium, personal energy is not involved. Thus, there is no scope of depleting one’s energy. Moreover, Reiki being intelligent knows what and how much the medium needs in terms of energies. So, while you are giving Reiki, you are taken care of by Reiki.

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