Usui Master Symbol

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Dr. Usui is believed to have received a formula that helped in contacting the higher power in Lotus Sutra. The Bodhisatva connected to healing through the higher power. Any practitioner can contact the power through attainment of spiritual purification achieved the meditation way. People, who attain such powers, dedicate their life to helping and healing others. The Lotus Sutra may have a formula that led to the descent of divine energies into human aura, and from there, into the physical body. The Sakyamuni may have been using this power to lift the consciousness of disciples to another level.

Most religions have their own techniques of helping the descent of this power into their followers. The master helped the disciples in this regard. The transference of the power from the master to his disciple depended on the efficacy of the master and spiritual development of the disciple.

The Usui Master symbol is visualized as a powerful light beam that emanated from Buddha’s third eye, and directed at the disciples. The Usui Master symbol when used with Reiki forms a stronger bond or link between the physical body and the higher self. This leads to the inlet of powerful energies inundated with divine wisdom into the physical being. Manifestation of the healing energies is quicker in this case, and the healing energy entrenches itself firmly.

The Usui Master symbol enhances the effects of Reiki manifold, including that of the various Reiki symbols used during a healing session. The power of the symbol conveys the feeling and experience of enhanced fullness, wellbeing, and peace. It gives a deep sense of satisfaction and harmony as one gets to feel the flow of the symbol laden energy in and around oneself.

For a Reiki practitioner, the Usui Master symbol is god send. The use of the symbol during a healing session can add to the efficacy of the healing. It can be used for various empowerments. Persons embarking on an important mission or task can empower it with the Usui Master symbol for better results.

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