What is Reiki?

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Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese healing art that helps heal the mind and body of their afflictions. Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in the early 1900s and used a simple technique to project Reiki energy for healing purposes. The ‘laying on hands’ technique, as was promulgated by Dr. Usui, has been in use for thousands of years.

The word Reiki comprises of two words – Rei and Ki. The word Rei has been accepted by all to mean ‘universal’ because it is found everywhere; in all parts of the universe. Experts feel that deep down Rei as in Reiki means universal or higher knowledge that represents spiritual consciousness. Believed to originate from God or God-consciousness, Reiki knows it all, as it understands each being and its problems, and has the key to all healing solutions.

Ki is the vital energy in all beings. It is the vital life-force that sustains life. Ki was known to many ancient cultures. It was known to the Chinese as Chi, the Indians as Prana, and the Hebrew as ruah. Since people belonging to those cultures were well endowed with spiritual knowledge, they not only knew about the existence of Ki, but were also well versed with the techniques to heal mental and physical maladies. Ki is what keeps life going; the moment it leaves, the physical body becomes lifeless. Healthy people have a strong Ki factor. People who have low levels of Ki are prone to ailments either mental or physical or both. Higher levels of Ki make people lively, healthy and happy.

The Indians in ancient times had deep knowledge of prana (Ki) and had developed certain breathing exercises called pranayama to strengthen the life force. Regular practitioners of pranayama have a healthy physical body, which is apparent from the glow on their face. Pranayama, like yoga, is catching on globally today. Martial artists too use Ki to help build their physical endurance, and that sudden burst of energy comes from a healthy reservoir of Ki. Ki is better known to the western world as ‘aura’ – a body of energy that surrounds the physical body and inter-penetrates it. Its presence can be scientifically explained as an electromagnetic field around the physical body. Science has coined the term ‘bioplasma’ to represent this electromagnetic field. Dr. Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, a Russian scientist, was the first to capture the aura in a photographic device.  The beautiful colors of the aura can be seen using the Kirlian photography device. Thanks to Dr. Kirlian, the presence of the aura has been accepted by the scientific community.

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